A Little Love Goes a Long Way

An investment in a new ForeverLawn is an investment in quality. ForeverLawn provides the best product using the best installation methods from the best dealers in the state. The lawn is perfect.

Maintenance Overview with Jason Cameron

Well, that is until fall and winter-bare the oak trees of bags-full of leaves. Then spring brings catkins (you know, those fluffy seed things that drop and blow around the yard) and pollen. And then the kids and pets spill/track/spread who-knows-what throughout the summer. Suddenly, a little anxiety creeps in about maintaining the gorgeous greenness of the ForeverLawn.

outdoor table and chairs on artificial lawn
ForeverLawn Artificial Grass

There are very easy maintenance tips homeowners and other groundskeepers can follow to keep their ForeverLawn space looking fresh and clean. The following general guidelines are provided by our ForeverLawn home office:

  • Use a blower, brush or sweeper to remove dirt or debris that accumulates on the turf as a result of regular use. The frequency will be determined by location and personal preference.
  • Feel free to groom the grass with a plastic leaf rake, pulling debris against the lay of the turf to lift the blades.
  • While not required, an occasional rinse with water will keep the grass clean during seasonal dry months.

K9Grass maintenance requires a tad more attention, because….well, dogs. Follow the same guidelines as above, and then remove solid waste frequently.

dog playing on artificial grass
ForeverLawn K9Grass
  • Pick up as much as possible and then rinse with a hose and follow with a bacterial enzyme. (We recommend a brand called got pee? Odor Eliminator, which can be ordered through your local ForeverLawn dealer.) It is important to not rinse the solid waste INTO the grass.
  • Broad spraying of the bacterial enzyme should be done regularly, especially for multiple dogs. The bacterial enzyme product can also be used if the dog is ill to sanitize after cleaning.

GolfGreens, Playground Grass and other products offered by ForeverLawn may also have additional maintenance recommendations. Please visit GolfGreens.com, PlaygroundGrass.com, SportsGrassTurf.com, or ForeverLawn.com for more information.

an artificial grass playground and putting green in a backyard
ForeverLawn Playground Grass and K9Grass

Maintenance is not only about addressing lawn clutter, but also preventing bigger problems. Often customers request service calls to address some easily avoidable issues. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for keeping your ForeverLawn looking its best:


  • Enjoy
  • Play
  • Use
  • Entertain


  • Expose to direct high heat (fire, coals, hot equipment such as a lid from a grill or lawn equipment). Most products are plastic and will curl or melt when exposed to high heat. We recommend having a conversation with lawn service providers about setting down equipment on the artificial grass, even for a brief time.
  • Get paint on the grass
  • Use power equipment on the grass
  • Use harsh chemicals directly on the grass, especially anything containing greater than 5% bleach or chlorine. This is important to remember when pressure washing nearby surfaces.


  • If treating weeds, it’s okay to spray weed killer on the grass.
  • If treating insects, it’s okay if the insect killer or repellent comes into contact with the grass.

It’s okay to trim natural grass near synthetic grass if care is taken to avoid direct contact between the blades or wire of the power equipment and the turf.

ForeverLawn artificial lawn backyard
ForeverLawn Artificial Grass

With minimal effort, homeowners can maximize the life and appearance of their ForeverLawn installations for years. In addition, ForeverLawn dealers offer several maintenance plans including quarterly, semi-annually, and one-time refresh options. Contact your local ForeverLawn dealer and ask about maintenance options and products for your home.

One more thing…

Due to the increased use of low-E windows and reflective surfaces like siding and fencing, there has been an increase in damage to vinyl and plastic items including artificial turf. This is called reflective heat damage. Only the Legacy Fiber in ForeverLawn Fusion landscape turf products is designed to handle the intense and concentrated heat cause by this reflective light. Care should be taken to ensure that other ForeverLawn products are not exposed as this may cause curling or melting of the grass blades. Items that may cause magnified light include but are not limited to the following: low-E windows, reflective siding, glass tables, clear plastic toys, vinyl fencing, and other translucent or reflective surfaces.

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