ForeverLawn® Fusion

Welcome to the future of synthetic grass

The latest revolutionary breakthrough from ForeverLawn® is Fusion synthetic grass, featuring our new, exclusive Legacy fiber™. Years of research and development have resulted in a product that is superior in appearance and durability. With its technologically-advanced blades, Fusion solves the challenge of intense heat that can damage other synthetic grass products.

The ability to withstand extreme heat, such as the reflected heat generated by low-E windows, is what separates Fusion from the rest. While typical synthetic grass products will show degradation in these high-temperature situations, the ForeverLawn Legacy fiber™ will not fail. This incredible heat resistance makes Fusion the ideal solution for rooftops and beside glass buildings where heat damage is a concern.

Durability is a key advantage of Fusion. With its proprietary nylon blades, this synthetic grass provides exceptional wear performance in comparison to typical polyethylene products. Fusion’s stronger, more resilient Legacy fiber™ stands up to heavy consistent use in areas with extremely high traffic.

In addition to the performance of Fusion, this innovative synthetic grass also provides an increased realism that surpasses typical products. Its low-sheen appearance, combined with its multicolored blade structure and thatch zone, makes Fusion an excellent option that looks natural and beautifies any application.

Consult with your local ForeverLawn dealer to incorporate ForeverLawn® Fusion into your landscaping project today, and experience the true meaning of grass without limits.

Benefits of Fusion

  • Exceptional stability where reflected heat is a concern
  • Superior where reflected in high-traffic environments
  • Provides the most natural appearance on the market

ForeverLawn Fusion

Product Specifications

Beautiful, Durable, Resilient

ForeverLawn Fusion, featuring our proprietary Legacy fiber™ blades, combines premium performance with natural appearance. The grass blades in Fusion can endure temperatures up to 200 degrees hotter than standard polythylene artificial grass without experiencing melting or deformation.

Product Specifications

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