Installation & Service

Installation of Synthetic Turf

Not only are our ForeverLawn® artificial grass products distinct, so are our installations. Even top quality artificial grass can appear and function badly with a poor installation. We are dedicated to installation methods that not only look beautiful but are long lasting as well. Base prep, nailer boards, cutting, seaming, securing and finishing – we analyze each part of the process to make certain that the project accomplishes all of your goals.

Our proprietary backing and seaming system enables us to erase the issues that frequently arise with glued seams. We are able to achieve a higher quality appearance due to our mechanically bonded seams, which are not affected by shifts in temperature or weather.

Even though our distinct system makes it simpler than ever to complete residential do-it-yourself projects, we always advise taking advantage of a professionally trained ForeverLawn installation team when feasible. Unique tools, refined methods, combined with knowledge and experience can help ensure your project is a success.

artificial turf installation

Do-It-Yourself Installation

In the areas where professional ForeverLawn installation is not yet available, or for individuals who prefer to take on a project by themselves, installation instructions are available for review or download below. For commercial installations such as sports fields and playgrounds, much more effort can be involved such as base prep, drainage, and installation methods.