Maintaining Your Artificial Grass

Care and Maintenance

General Guidelines

Ongoing care with a blower, brush, and/or sweeper should be completed to eliminate dirt or debris as it accrues from use. Based on the rate of use and location, this should be done to avoid high concentrations. The grass can be kept looking fresher by grooming it with combing it either with a plastic leaf rake, stiff-bristled push broom, or power broom. To accomplish this successfully, pull items against the lay of the turf to elevate the blades. Rinsing the grass from time-to-time helps to keep the grass clean, even though not required. If you have further questions about your installation, contact ForeverLawn® or an authorized ForeverLawn agent.

The following is a list of Do’s and Don'ts when it comes to your new ForeverLawn artificial grass:


  • Enjoy.
  • Play on.
  • Use.
  • Entertain on.


  • It is plastic and will curl and/or melt if left vulnerable to elevated heat. Avoid exposure to extreme heat such as but not limited to fire, coals, and hot equipment such as a lid from a grill or a weed whacker.
  • Your ForeverLawn artificial grass should not be exposed to paint.
  • Using fertilizer is not recommended or required even though it will not harm ForeverLawn grass.
  • Power lawn care equipment should never be used on ForeverLawn artificial grass.
  • Do not directly expose your ForeverLawn artificial grass to severe chemicals. Wysiwash is recommended for washing and sanitary needs.


  • Weed killers will not harm ForeverLawn artificial grass.
  • Insect killers and repellents are okay.
  • Naturally occurring grass around the ForeverLawn grass can be trimmed if it does not make direct contact with ForeverLawn grass product.


Higher rates of damage to exterior vinyl household objects, including artificial turf, have been occurring due to the increased usage of low-E windows and reflective siding. Curling and melting of green fibers can occur if ForeverLawn artificial grass is exposed to extreme light reflections and should be avoided. Some of the following objects that can cause higher rates of magnified light include but are not limited to the following: low-E windows, reflective siding, glass tables, clear plastic toys, and other translucent or reflective surfaces.

Foreign Substances and Spills

Items such as sunflower seeds, chewing gum, tobacco products or other foreign substances should not be used or dropped on ForeverLawn artificial grass. If any of these items do make contact with the surface, they should be promptly removed. Any spills should be cleaned as quickly as possible. If a spill occurs, a clean rag should first be used to clean as much of the substance as possible. Most spills or drops can be cleaned with a combination of water, a mild detergent, and for some spills, a bristled nylon brush. If the substance is more permanent, such as paint, it may be possible to remove it but more effort will be required. The ability to make a claim may be lessened if harsh or damaging chemicals, solutions, or solvents are utilized. ForeverLawn can provide additional information about cleaning materials upon request.


The surface of ForeverLawn artificial grass provides a great area for dogs, cats, or other small animals (larger animals may void the warranty). To maintain a clean and attractive appearance, pet waste should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Liquid waste should be rinsed away from time-to-time to remove residue and solid waste should be removed on a continual basis as would be the case with natural grass. If the artificial grass area experiences high traffic or is based at a commercial pet facility, the K9Grass Maintenance Instructions should be referenced.

Use of Power Equipment and Motorized Vehicles

Natural grass that is near ForeverLawn artificial grass can be mowed if direct contact is not made with the ForeverLawn product. Mowing and use of power lawn care equipment should not occur on ForeverLawn artificial grass. If your natural grass is close to your ForeverLawn artificial grass, ensure the ground is level before mowing. Any slanting or tipping of the mower could cut

and damage the artificial grass and backing. ForeverLawn does not bear responsibility for equipment used (not including a broom, plastic rake, leaf blower, or water hose) such as vacuum sweepers, heaters or snow blowers and risk shall be that of the user. Motorized vehicles should not be used on ForeverLawn artificial grass, and in the event that it is necessary, great care should be taken in starting, stopping and turning. Standard protective mats are recommended to adequately protect the artificial grass surface from sharp and pointed edges.

Sparks, Flame, and Heat Producing Items

The artificial grass can be melted or warped if hot objects such as grill lids are set on it. Fireworks, sparklers, and other flammable items should not be set off on the artificial grass surface and can cause damage.

Repairs and Replacement

ForeverLawn will only utilize approved resilient particles as infill or in the replacement of infill. Only ForeverLawn authorized agents should give direction or approve infill movement and replacement. In the event that an edge becomes detached, it can be reattached if the installation used nailer boards, in which a pneumatic staple gun can be used. Stainless steel staples are preferred but galvanized staples can also be used. Edges can also be secured with galvanized 60 D Timber Tie Nails in the event that board was not used. It is best to make contact with your local dealer if an edge becomes loose. Please contact your local ForeverLawn dealer for additional questions and comments in relation to the care and maintenance of your ForeverLawn artificial grass.

Additional Maintenance Guides