What Goes Into an Estimate?

It’s time. It is most definitely time to call the nearest ForeverLawn dealer for an estimate. Homeowners are weary of endlessly watering and fertilizing natural grass, tired of researching what will possibly grow in the shade and what to plant in the sun, over the kids and dogs coming inside filthy and tracking sandy soil all over the patio. Business owners are looking for consistent and clean curb appeal and event spaces that can withstand high foot traffic. Whatever the reason, it’s time to invest in synthetic grass.

But what goes into determining exactly how much of an investment it is? There’s not an easy answer to that question, and it is a question our ForeverLawn offices in Florida answer every day. Over the phone, most offices can provide a range for budgeting for a project, but giving a specific number is difficult, and here is why.

Tape measure on sidewalk
ForeverLawn representatives in Florida look for more than dimensions.

There are several factors that have to be considered when estimating the cost of an artificial grass project:  product selection, project area assessment, and installation specifics.

Product Selection

ForeverLawn offers more than 30 premium synthetic grass products over eight product lines.

ForeverLawn offers more than 30 premium synthetic grass products over eight product lines. All ForeverLawn products come in a variety of colors, blade heights, construction, blade type and price.

Each vertical line offers products developed for a specific purpose. Landscape products replace natural grass areas and range from low traffic to the highest of traffic. Playground Grass withstands the high play traffic, with products that require no infill or are anti-microbial and anti-static.

K9Grass is a knitted, low-pile, antimicrobial product product line. GolfGreens and BocceGrass allow for fun recreation options and SportsGrass has options to meet the needs of all levels of athletic competition. We even have SplashGrass for splash pads and water parks.

Narrowing down the product can be a tough decision. Homeowners with children and dogs find that using a single landscape product works for everyone, while some opt for a few. Landscape, putting greens and K9Grass dog runs are the most common products in combination. Work with your sales representative to determine the best solution for your home.

Project Area Assessment

When a ForeverLawn representative visits your project location, not only with they measure and create a layout of the area, but they will be looking at other factors. Access to the area can affect the labor effort. If the project location is off a driveway or parking lot or through a large gate, the access is straightforward. If it requires long treks with wheelbarrows, wheelbarrows up elevators and through a home, conveyance by crane or even access only by boat (this has happened), then the labor rate will increase.

Typically, we expect some removal of organics like grass, weeds, mulch of other existing ground covers. However, heavy removal such as pavers, concrete, 12 inches of old mulch, rubberized surfacing, or other challenges will contribute to installation costs, especially if specialized equipment is required.

Another big consideration is drainage in the area. While our turf products drain very well, the turf itself will not solve existing drainage issues. Synthetic grass and the base layer upon which it is installed mimics the existing drainage patterns.  In other words, if your yard has a low spot where water accumulates, water will still accumulate in the low spot with turf.

To ensure water flows where it needs to, speak with your ForeverLawn representative about existing issues and they will work with our installation manager to determine what can be done to address the problems. It might be a simple light regrading, a more intensive French drain, or a referral to a drainage expert.

One last key element we will look for are highly reflective surfaces. We have found that energy efficient low-e windows and white vinyl fencing reflect light to such a concentrated point that the resulting heat can damage synthetic grass. This is called reflective heat damage, and quick internet searches will show melted house siding, damaged turf and other effects of reflection. Unfortunately, reflective heat damage is not covered by product warranties, but there are some measures to alleviate or avoid this type of damage: all-nylon grass products like ForeverLawn Fusion, window films, or redesigning the turf areas.

Installation Specifics

Every synthetic grass installation is different. This means that every installation might require particular installation products to make sure it performs at the quality you expect. Drainage might be addressed with grid products or a drainage mat, especially if we are installing over a solid surface, like on a balcony or patio. A playground installation might need safety padding to prevent head injuries from falls. Some installations require perimeter boards made of pressure-treated lumber, and some require recycled plastic boards.

We have a wide variety of base materials to choose from, and an even larger collection of infill options. We can work around trees and beautifully curve flower bed borders.

Our sales team and our installation team work closely together to customize the installation solution that works the best for each project. And we work with customers to make sure their investment is one they can be proud of for many years to come.

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