What to Expect When We Install Your ForeverLawn

You’ve signed your ForeverLawn proposal, approved the installation drawings, and paid your deposit. Now what? Every job is unique, and we tailor our processes to best serve you. A lot is happening behind the scenes right now in preparation for your installation. Briefly, here is what you can expect and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What’s Next?

• We will meet with the sales team to discuss the specifics of your installation.
• We will order products and materials, and expect to receive them in the
next two weeks.
• Once everything has arrived, we will call with an anticipated time
range for your installation.
• As the time approaches, our staff will call you to schedule a specific
date or dates for your installation.

Preparing for Installation Day

• Any work in preparation for turf installation should be completed prior
to our arrival. This includes installation of pavers or landscape lighting,
and the removal of trees, shrubs, and roots or stumps as discussed
with the sales team.
• Designate an area to put stone for the sub-base, preferably as close to
the work area as possible.
• We will need clear access to the work area.

Work Done on Site

• In the area to be turfed, we will be removing all organic material such as
sod, weeds, mulch, or other materials in order to reach a solid dirt base.
• We will put in 3”-4” of stone to create the sub-base.
• Perimeter boards will outline the area. This frames the area and is used
to secure the turf.
• Turf will be placed on top, cut and seamed, and then secured to the
perimeter boards.

Hours of Installation

• Expect the crew to arrive in the morning and work through the day.
• The crew leader overseeing the work has other responsibilities for the
company and may come and go from the site during the day.

Frequently Asked Installation Questions

When can I expect installation of my new grass?
A member of the sales team can best provide the most up-to-date information regarding our current installation schedule.

Why can’t you give me a specific date when I pay my deposit?
There are a number of factors that affect our installation schedule, from inclement weather to prior project delays. To be fair to our clients, we schedule our residential installations in the order in which signed proposals and deposits are received. We make sure each installation is complete and approved by homeowners before moving on to the next project; therefore, we offer a time frame initially, and then work with homeowners to schedule specific installation dates as the time frame approaches.

How many people will show up to install my grass?
You can expect one crew leader and 2-3 crew members.

What type of equipment will be used?
Because every installation is unique, equipment needs will vary. Here is a list of some of the equipment we use:
Skid steer
Dump truck
Plate compactor
Wheel barrows
Various tools, both power and hand
Compressor with staple gun
Power broom

Will my natural grass be damaged?
We need access to bring in various machinery and sometimes fencing may need to be removed. We will do our best to limit damage to natural grass. Sometimes this requires laying down plywood, but this will not prevent damage to natural grass. We encourage you to do a final walk-through with the crew leader to look for any potential issues, to ask any final questions regarding the installation, and to receive final maintenance instructions.

When will I receive my warranty information?
Once our office has received your final payment, staff will enter your contact and installation information into the ForeverLawn Closed-Loop Warranty System. Once this happens, you will receive an email notification to activate your warranty.

Learn more about the artificial grass installation process here.

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