What to Expect When We Install Your Premium Synthetic Grass

You’ve signed your ForeverLawn® proposal, approved the installation drawings, and paid your deposit. Now what? Every job is unique, and we tailor our processes to best serve you. A lot is happening behind the scenes right now in preparation for your installation. Briefly, here is what you can expect and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What's next?

  • We will meet with the sales team to discuss the specifics of your installation.
  • We will order products and materials, and expect to receive them in the next two weeks.
  • Once everything has arrived, we will call to give you an anticipated time range for your installation.
  • As the time approaches, our staff will call you to schedule a specific date or dates for your installation.

Preparing for Installation Day

  • Any work in preparation for turf installation should be completed prior to our arrival. This includes installation of pavers or landscape lighting, and the removal of trees, shrubs, and roots or stumps as discussed with the sales team.
  • Designate an area to put stone for the sub-base, preferably as close to the work area as possible.
  • We will need clear access to the work area.

Work Done on Site

  • In the area to be turfed, we will be removing all organic material such as sod, weeds, mulch, or other materials in order to reach a solid dirt base.
  • We will put in 3”- 4” of stone to create the sub-base.
  • Perimeter boards will outline the area. This frames the area and is used to secure the turf.
  • Turf will be placed on top, cut and seamed, and secured to the perimeter boards accordingly.

Hours of Installation

  • Expect the crew to arrive in the morning and work through the day.
  • The crew leader overseeing the work has other responsibilities for the company and may come and go from the site during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

ForeverLawn Artificial Grass Residential Landscape
Dog playing with a ball on artificial grass
Playground built on ForeverLawn Playground Grass

For new customers:

What is the cost per square foot? What is the range of pricing?

It is difficult to quote the price of a project over the phone as there are many additional factors that determine project cost besides the price of our premium synthetic grass. We offer dozens of artificial grass products that differ in color, blade height, quality, purpose, and construction, resulting in differing prices. Installation pricing varies based on factors like access to the installation site, removal requirements, base preparation, number of tree rings, drainage and irrigation particulars, and additional project particulars.

For these reasons, we prefer potential customers schedule an appointment with a ForeverLawn representative to look at the area, take measurements, document installation requirements, explain the differences in our premium turf products, and answer customer questions.

Typically, our ForeverLawn customer service teams at all of our Florida locations can give a standard budgeting range by phone once they have collected enough information, but exact pricing is only provided after an initial free consultation.

How long would it be before it's installed? What is the lead time?

Lead times vary depending on a number of factors, some of which we can control and many of which we cannot, like Florida weather or new construction project timelines. It is best to ask the ForeverLawn sales representative the projected lead time prior to signing your proposal and maintaining communication with the scheduling departments at each of our Florida dealer offices.

What is the process of installation?

Installation includes the removal of all organic material (grass, weeds, mulch, leaves, and the like) to approximately three (3) inches below the desired finish height for our premium ForeverLawn synthetic grass products. After a light grading of the dirt surface (if needed), we install our perimeter boards. Following the perimeter boards is the addition and compaction of our prescribed base material, which varies according to project. In fact, a lot of our work is in preparing the area for turf and we spend a large percentage of our time making sure that our base performs that way it is intended to avoid shifting, channeling, recessing or otherwise moving while still maintaining optimum drainability.

Next, we roll out the turf, cut and seam it, and secure it to the perimeter boards. Finally, we broom in a layer of infill material and clean up the area. We take pride in leaving the area as neat or better than when we arrive.

If I do part of that myself, can I get a reduction in cost?

Yes. The amount of work you take on reduces the amount of the overall project cost, but only marginally. Remember, with our products, you are getting synthetic grass that is premium in quality and usually accounts for the majority of the pricing. In some cases, clients can save up to $1/sf by doing all removal and light grading, but the savings varies by project and location. Again, call your local ForeverLawn dealer in Florida to discuss installation options.

Next, we roll out the turf, cut and seam it, and secure it to the perimeter boards. Finally, we broom in a layer of infill material and clean up the area. We take pride in leaving the area as neat or better than when we arrive.

I have a small job that I want installed. Can you help me or do you only do larger jobs?

The answer is more complicated than you would expect. In order to mobilize our crews and our installation equipment, we have specific built-in costs that need to be covered. Smaller jobs generally come with a higher price per square foot for these reasons. Larger jobs come with economies of scale. We are happy to help install jobs regardless of size; however, we are unable to charge the same per square foot price across all sizes. Again, the best course of action is to call your local ForeverLawn dealer in Florida to discuss your project requirements.

Next, we roll out the turf, cut and seam it, and secure it to the perimeter boards. Finally, we broom in a layer of infill material and clean up the area. We take pride in leaving the area as neat or better than when we arrive.

Can I install artificial grass on an incline?

Absolutely. Grass can be installed on inclines or hills, berms, mounds, walls and many other interesting architectural features. We can shape our base materials, incorporate our foam mounds, or use one of several ground grid options to help maintain base shape before we install our synthetic grass to the shape. Discuss your ideas with your representative from one of our ForeverLawn offices in Florida to best coordinate the implementation with our installation team leaders. Our installation experts can also discuss specific maintenance procedures for inclines.

How long will the turf last?

While most of our artificial turf products are warrantied for 10 years, the life span of the grass varies by usage. A residential backyard entertaining area may last more than 15 years while a popular dog park or playground might need replacement after 8-10 years.

Will the turf flatten or mat over time?

Yes. Like most textiles, the artificial turf will begin to lose its resiliency over time, much like your carpet at home. However, ForeverLawn premium products protect against breakdown for longer than most synthetic grass on the market. ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass features Memory Fiber™ yarn made with a geometric shape for greater resiliency and with a resin that resists fracturing for long lasting appearance and performance.

Often, regular maintenance can keep your grass looking as good as new, and an occasional refresh can go a long way in boosting your artificial grass. (Contact your local ForeverLawn dealer in Florida to inquire about regular maintenance programs available in the area.) We also carry new innovative products that utilize all-nylon construction to withstand the highest levels of traffic, like our ForeverLawn Fusion line of synthetic grass.

Can you install indoors?

Yes, we can. Important details to focus on when planning an indoor installation include drainage requirements (if any) and proper HVAC system, safety padding requirements, maintenance procedures and purpose of installation. Onsite consultation with a ForeverLawn representative is advisable when considering an indoor installation.

Often, regular maintenance can keep your grass looking as good as new, and an occasional refresh can go a long way in boosting your artificial grass. (Contact your local ForeverLawn dealer in Florida to inquire about regular maintenance programs available in the area.) We also carry new innovative products that utilize all-nylon construction to withstand the highest levels of traffic, like our ForeverLawn Fusion line of synthetic grass.

What kind of maintenance do I have to do on the turf and how often?

You can find the latest maintenance recommendations in the maintenance section of our website or on the product-specific websites listed below. Here are some of the most common general care suggestions:

• Regular maintenance includes the removal of debris by picking it up, using a blower, raking with a plastic leaf rake or with a power broom.
• Clean up spills by hosing down or rinsing with water. Paint spills or similar mishaps can be cleaned with a cloth and soap and water. If necessary, a mild household cleaner and brush can be used.
• While all of our products are pet-friendly, solid pet waste should be picked up and urine should be rinse periodically – especially outside Florida’s rainy season.

For product-specific cleaning instructions please visit the product websites.

ForeverLawn Landscape:


Playground Grass:



How does the turf hold up against Florida sun? Does it get hot and will I be able to walk on it if the sun has been shining on it all day?

ForeverLawn’s 10-Year Limited Warranty includes protection against ultraviolet degradation. Because of color stabilization during manufacturing, the products should not show noticeable fading from the sun within that period.

Like plastic playground equipment and asphalt, synthetic turf products get hot in direct sunlight, especially midday during the summer with no cloud cover. While there are a few infill products that alleviate temperatures (usually by less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit), the grass blades lack the surface area to retain heat for long periods of time. Although the hot grass will not cause burning to the skin, it can be uncomfortable at first, but usually, shade, cloud cover, water, and breezes help to alleviate the ambient heat.

Does the turf ever have problems with insects? If I install artificial grass, will it reduce the amount of bugs I have to deal with?

We live in Florida, which hosts a wide variety of creepy crawly insects, so it’s difficult to eliminate pests from your yard. Bugs may wander into the artificial turf to explore, though they rarely (if ever) set up a home in it because there is nothing organic for the insects to feed on or make a home in. With no insects harbored in the turf, their predators are unlikely to stick around when a better food source can be found elsewhere. As an added bonus, our turf products contain none of the allergens found in natural grass.

Does the turf ever mildew/mold?

Mold and mildew are no issue since our fake grass products are comprised of non-absorbing materials with a drainage base specifically designed to direct water away from the grass. A word of caution for Florida GolfGreens owners; sand-filled greens can develop algae over time if not properly maintained, although the turf itself will not. For this reason, we recommend an antimicrobial coated sand product called Envirofill as an alternative infill material.

Can you recommend any projects you've completed that are near me that I can take a look at?

Of course! ForeverLawn dealers have been installing our premium synthetic grass products in the Sunshine State for more than 10 years. Contact your local Florida ForeverLawn office for a list of installations you can visit.

Can you install turf on top of things other than soil/the ground?

There is no doubt about it. We can - and have - installed over pavers, concrete, on balconies and rooftops, indoors and many other places where clients have wanted to add a touch of soft green spaces. Every installation is different and has very specific requirements -- from drainage mats and grid products to glue downs and rollouts. Contact your nearest Florida ForeverLawn office to schedule an onsite consultation to determine the best installation method for you.

If I install artificial grass on only part of my lawn, will it look strange? How does it look when it's adjacent to natural grass?

We often install our premium artificial grass products adjacent to natural grass areas and can make the transition appear very natural. When we install the synthetic grass, we can angle it below the adjacent natural grass area so the two meet at the same natural level.

For customers with jobs in progress:

What date(s) will my installation occur?

Once you have signed your proposal or contract with your local office, products and materials will be ordered, which can take up to two weeks to arrive from the manufacturer. These will be delivered to the local warehouse or directly to your site. Then the installation will be scheduled in the first-available opening or when the project site is ready – sometimes up to several weeks out. It is best to maintain communication with your sales representative and remember that Florida weather often causes project delays beyond our control. (We cannot install our products, base materials or infill in the rain.)

At what time of day will the crews be at my property?

Our crews like to get started right away, but often have to begin the day at the warehouse to stock up on the specific materials and equipment needed for your job. Unless otherwise arranged, crews will arrive at the project site by mid-morning if you are the first or only project of the day.

Why does my date of installation change?

As we mentioned before, the Sunshine State is not always sunny. Weather issues are beyond our control and account for the majority of date changes. Other possibilities include delays on projects scheduled ahead of yours due to construction delays, irrigation issues, base material availability, and crew availability.

How does the drainage work on K9Grass vs other types we sell?

Our K9Grass products are definitely unique. First of all, they are knitted, not tufted. Most synthetic grass turfs are constructed through turfting, which means the groups of grass blades are inserted into a solid backing and then holes are punched in the backing for drainage. K9Grass is knitted on a large knitting machine. Like your knitted sweater, if you hold a sample of K9Grass up to the sky, you can see light through it. However, knitted K9Grass creates a stronger product that allows liquids to flow through without having to find drain holes. The less time on a solid backing, the less time to leave unwanted odors.

We also have designed the product with short, dense blades to eliminate the use of any infill. Infill is just one more layer to trap unwanted fur, dirt and pet waste, which in turn creates issues with odor and impedes the drainage of the synthetic grass.

In addition, we use a washed crushed limestone base to allow drainage away from the grass and to help neutralize the ammonia in the urine. Throw in an antimicrobial agent built into the turf itself (not coated with it), and you have the start of a well-draining, high performing, always green area for our four-legged friends.

I really like the natural look and feel of the ForeverLawn Select series of products, but I have a dog. Can I still use that instead of K9Grass?

Absolutely! All of our artificial grass products are pet-friendly, meaning the grass blades won’t fade, discolor or hold odors. Just remember the maintenance tips of picking up solid waste and occasionally rinsing the liquids.

My neighbor has weeds that reach my yard. Will the weeds come through the turf?

When we install our premium synthetic grass products, we remove all organics and add at least three inches of base material, with the option of an added weed barrier below. The turf has a thick, solid premium backing, which also deters weed growth. However, in Florida we have found two weeds that grow in the turf: nutsedge and torpedo grass. These pesky weeds need only air and water to germinate, and we have even seen them growing in concrete. While these weeds do not necessarily come back every year and are inconsistent in their presentation, they can be combatted by pulling them, using a natural weed killer (such as a vinegar and salt mixture) or using a chemical herbicide.

Is this fake grass good for the environment?

There are a number of factors to look at when considering whether synthetic turf products are the right choice for you. Installing synthetic grass reduces the excessive need for watering natural grass, eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and reduces the need for gasoline powered lawn equipment. In addition, our premium-backed products are made from recycled plastic bottles from Project Yellowstone, an innovative recycling partnership with Yellowstone National Park and use BioCel technology, which is created using soybean plants, a 100% renewable resource.

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