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Why ForeverLawn

ForeverLawn dealers in Florida are leaders in the synthetic grass industry. Because each project is different, we offer around 20 types of synthetic grass. We continue to lead innovation in our industry by maintaining our commitment to providing ForeverLawn customers with only the highest quality synthetic grass products. We work with you throughout the entire process of choosing synthetic grass that fits your landscape. With us, you’re not only buying a high-quality synthetic grass product but also building a relationship with ForeverLawn®.

If you want to be free of the burden and time required to mow, water, and care for your lawn, ForeverLawn synthetic turf is a perfect option. With the number of different artificial turf types that we offer, you are likely to find the right one for all of your artificial grass needs.

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Why ForeverLawn

Why We're Superior

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Finding a natural grass solution that is low-maintenance is virtually impossible. What’s worse is that your entire weekend is likely spent on constantly watering, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and the patching of natural grass. Luckily there is an artificial grass option that looks and functions great, allowing you to leave your lawn equipment in storage.


A lot of foot traffic or weather can cause bare or worn areas in natural grass solutions but synthetic grass does not wear down. It is designed to maintain its lush appearance even in areas such as playgrounds, schoolyards, and pet and sports areas.


Trying to maintain a beautiful lawn in severe climates or on rugged land can be challenging and frustrating. Even if you are faced with drought conditions, muddy spaces, steep inclines, or terrain that makes it difficult to grow natural grass, artificial turf solutions are incredibly resistant to these conditions. What’s even better is that your lawn will look amazing 365 days a year.


In contrast to natural grass, less of the Earth’s natural resources are consumed by artificial grass and it is made using recyclable and sustainable products. Installing synthetic grass means you will also be able to conserve water and do away with potentially toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Besides knowing that you’re not releasing any damaging emissions into the environment, you will save money on maintenance and lawn equipment.


Besides the fact that artificial grass requires low maintenance, is incredibly durable and sustainable, it has a stunning and beautiful appearance. Premium quality grass translates to having a soft, luscious, and natural grass appearance all year. Knowing you will never have to weed, mow, fertilize or patch your artificial turf makes it seem even more beautiful than it already is.

Only ForeverLawn

  • The ultimate layer of the three-layer structure that provides high-quality backing is completely made from recycled plastic from the Yellowstone and Grand Teton Projects.

  • The premiere 1292 safety-rated grass system (Playground Grass).

  • Water conservation, chemical-free maintenance, recycling, and LEED certification are some of the outcomes that result from a different approach to sustainable environmental stewardship.

  • It is the premier product that features AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology.

  • Products are made in the USA and eclipse lead-free protocol.

  • The premiere synthetic turf made distinctly for dogs (K9Grass®).

  • State-of-the-art weather-resistant micromechanical seaming system.

  • The premiere product for sale that comes with distinct multi-color blade design and tan thatch (Select LX).

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dogs playing on ForeverLawn K9Grass
  • The most progressive instruction and certification program in the business.

  • A leading ten-year warranty and more advanced warranty tracking system (ForeverLawn Closed Loop Warranty System).

  • The exclusive product that contains the patent-pending XStatic antistatic technology (Playground Grass Ultra).

  • A unique and patented flushing technology that provides indoor synthetic grass for pets (K9Grass Flushing System).

  • Features SafetyCel, which is a patent-pending playground surface that is ASTM safety-certified up to 13 feet, ADA compliant, and goes beyond Head Injury Criterion specifications.

  • Increased toughness and durability, with an unmatched natural look that contains unique Memory Fiber™ yarn (ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass).

  • Installation of over 17,000,0000 square feet and more than 10 years in business.

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ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass - the most advanced, superior quality artificial turf available -