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DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass - the most advanced, superior quality artificial turf available

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Our Promise: Only ForeverLawn synthetic grass offers you unmatched realism built on a proprietary technology platform that ensures the quality of our artificial grass products from the ground up. With ForeverLawn, the possibilities are endless. ForeverLawn isn’t just synthetic turf. Above all, it is a commitment to honesty and integrity in business and a desire to make you glad you chose us. Consequently, we’re not just ahead of the curve, but we’re defining it.

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Why ForeverLawn

ForeverLawn Florida is a cut above in the synthetic grass industry. In fact, we offer roughly 20 different types of artificial grass because we realize that every project is not the same. 

What We Offer

Our Synthetic grass products provide unmatched realism

DuPont ForeverLawn

DuPontTM ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass has taken realism to a new level. This innovative line of fine-bladed, lush synthetic turf features a tan thatch to enhance the natural grass appearance. Ideal for residential and commercial landscaping, DuPontTMForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass offers durable blades and dense construction.

ForeverLawn Landscape

With four unique varieties, Dupont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass is a fine-bladed, lush synthetic turf featuring a tan thatch. More realistic than its forebearers, these synthetic grass styles offer the best of the ForeverLawn proprietary platform and the DuPont tradition of excellence.


Playgrounds are fun but not always safe for children to play freely. Playground Grass is a perfect solution for creating a safe, visually appealing playground. Playground Grass has many benefits including ASTM certification for safety, ADA compliance, and it’s warrantied! Because of its soft, lush texture, this artificial playground turf is gentle to fall on and will prevent future head injuries.


What’s best for your dog and what’s best for your lawn now comes in one product, K9Grass, artificial grass for dogs. When you have a dog, keeping your lawn looking nice takes more effort and may even become unmanageable, but with K9Grass it’s easier than ever to keep your lawn looking great and your dog happy and clean with antimicrobial protection.


Practice makes perfect, but it’s not always easy to make a trip to the golf course. That’s why the experts at ForeverLawn® have engineered GolfGreens, professional quality artificial golf turf that can be installed indoors for a more accessible place to practice your putting.


SportsGrass has been manufactured to unique specifications that create a one-of-a-kind product — and improved performance. No more excessive amounts of infill getting in the players’ eyes. No more soft, squishy, low-performance feel or hard, compacted surface.


SplashGrass by ForeverLawn provides a low-maintenance, soft surfacing alternative to concrete and pool decks ideal for pools and water parks. SplashGrass is a simple and safe way to beautify your poolside and water parks by adding lush patches of green to the hardscape.

Artificial Foliage

NatraHedge makes artificial foliage and hedges that suit the needs of developers, designers, architects, and homeowners, with a reputation for quality, creativity, and innovation. NatraHedge offers greenery that looks great and can bring the aesthetic benefits of plant life to any location with ReaLeaf ™ foliage.

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Finding the perfect low-maintenance artificial & synthetic turf option for your landscape can be a challenge. ForeverLawn provides a waterless, low-maintenance solution that will continue to be realistic, beautiful, and functional for years to come — with minimal upkeep!

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